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People power manufacturing.
Trust powers our partnerships.

At Kelley Create our IT experts back knowledge with service and support. Our own recipe for manufacturing’s most precious business commodity: Trust.


Meet manufacturing milestones one real conversation at a time.

One point of contact for all things IT – not a call center who doesn’t know who you are – and a regular cadence for dialogue gives our manufacturing partners the freedom to manage day-to-day operations, and plan for the future. The only way to meet the milestones that mean success.



Protecting private information for your customers and employees is critical. Kelley Create works with industry-leading security companies to provide products and services that put your network in the safest possible position to prevent security breaches.

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery


Do you have multiple locations? How about remote work? No problem. Kelley Create can set up a network for you to bring everyone together. Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud solutions can support remote work options. Shared files and projects can be a snap and will allow people to work as though they were just desks apart, even if they are somewhere else on the globe. Creating a network means everyone can work faster and quite literally on the same page.

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Networking and Wireless

Secure Connectivity

You want to access information and important documents anywhere in your office. Wireless accessibility to information is essential. You can access your network untethered, avoiding the expense of wiring cables at any access point where you intend to do computer work. Cell phones, computers, printers- everything you need to serve your customers can live on the wireless network Kelley Create can establish in just a matter of minutes.

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“In our first conversation, I told them I wanted a partner. Someone I can call, and they pick up, not some random call center with people who don’t know who we are. Which is funny, because it turns out Kelley Create describes all of their client relationships as partnerships.”

Chad Laske, VP of Technology, CEO,
Bellmont Cabinet Co.

“Can you believe some IT providers outsource? They’ll say, ‘We have a contractor in Beaverton, is that near you?’ Not what you want to hear when you need something. Kelley Create is all in-house.”

Joe Snyder, Controller,
Warne Scope Mounts