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HIPAA-compliant security.
Eliminate analog fax.
Scalable SaaS solution.

Using cloud fax infrastructure to manage your fax workflow makes you flexible and compliant while saving money. By switching your healthcare organization over to cloud fax with Kelley Create, you’ll also improve communication, mobility, and productivity in the interest of the patients you serve.

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Quality of care depends on quality of fax.

Through the assessment, design, implementation, and support phases, our industry experts simplify your experience with cloud fax technology so you can focus on your patients. All Kelley Create recommendations start by first understanding your organizational objectives, then building a tailor-made solution that will deliver the outcome both you and your patients deserve.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant fax is used by medical professionals and organizations as a highly secure method of sending and receiving private patient information. HIPAA requires the implementation of appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to preserve the Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients. Cloud-based fax provides a means for sending and receiving with strong security measures in place to prevent disclosure of PHI. Measures include high-level encryption as well as hosting in data centers with 24×7 security, video surveillance, access control, audit logs, and more.


Digital faxing can be integrated from start to finish in the healthcare document lifecycle. Medical records in an EMR system are digitally faxed to another provider (that utilizes cloud fax), where those records are put through powerful OCR engines, routed, and converted to Structured Data, which can then be consumed with the new medical interoperability standards such as FHIR, HL7, and Direct.

Enterprise Toolkit

Critical features of our Enterprise Toolkit include Active Directory Sync, Single Sign On (SSO), MFP Fax Integration, AutoPrint, PDF/TIF File Drop, Print to Fax Driver, Cloud Fax Connector, PaperCut Integration, EPIC EHR Fax Integration, Contacts Management, and Fax Cover Sheet Management.

Enterprise Support

In-house, award-winning, US-based support with over 20 years of experience with enterprise healthcare fax. Custom design, planning, and implementation of your solution. 24×7 technical support and management services.

“We were looking for a fix that could happen now, immediate implementation. So Kelley Create’s reaction was key. They showed interest in the problem, more interest in fixing the problem, and hooked up their secure cloud fax service for us within a few hours of our initial meeting. I had the first few fax numbers up a few minutes after that.”

Jim Frey, Director of Information Technology,
Arbor Health

“Kelley Create has a lot of expertise, both in their fax product, but maybe more importantly with the healthcare industry, and HIPAA overall. They understood both our history, the short-term emergency, and where we wanted to go, needed to go. Then they delivered the solution.”

Kenneth Cheung, Network Administrator,
Northwest Kidney Centers