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Leveraging Technology to Automate Business Processes

See how technology can be used to easily automate a wide range of workflows and tasks to speed up and optimize your business process.

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Webinar Overview

Automating repetitive and manual business processes, workflows, and tasks is moving the needle of business efficiency and simplifying employees’ lives. Organizations that embrace Business Process Automation have cut costs, saved time, and eliminated errors. All while reducing their IT burden, improving employee productivity, and ensuring stronger accountability and compliance.

Senior Vice President,Kelley Create

Scott Anderson

Senior Vice President,
Kelley Create
Director of Professional Services,Kelley Create

Jason Ostendort

Director of Professional Services,
Kelley Create
Principal,Growth Achievement Partners

Chris Ryne

Growth Achievement Partners

Little do businesses know…

…technology can be used to easily automate a wide range of workflows and tasks from simple to complex.

  • What is Business Process Automation?
    • What types of tasks, workflows, and processes can be automated?
  • Find out the area’s most businesses are heavy in data entry.
    • Which pieces are the low hanging fruit to automate?
  • Has your business been wanting to go paperless, but it feels like you’ll never get there?
    • Hear about the typical roadblocks and how to get past them.

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