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OfficeRight™ DF100 Desktop Letter Folder

The simple way to increase productivity and accuracy.

OfficeRight™ DF100 Desktop Letter Folder

Fast and efficient, this letter folder is ready to help with all your folding tasks.

Stapled or unstapled, it doesn’t matter. It produces crisp folds every single time.

Save time with the OfficeRight™ DF100 letter folder from Pitney Bowes. No more manual folding – just guide your letters and documents into the feeder and they come out folded perfectly and crisply every time! Stapled unstapled – it doesn’t matter.

This fast efficient and sturdy machine is up to the task.

Perfect crisp folds every time
Folds letters and documents instantly
Compact desktop size
Never requires adjusting
Switches on and off automatically
Handles stapled and unstapled documents