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Pentesting Services for Portland, OR Companies

Kelley Create provides expert pentest services for large and small businesses in Portland, Oregon.

How a Penetration Test Works

Penetration Testing is one of the most important services you can have done for the protection of your business. Our Portland Pen Test professionals have an unique ability to identify any vulnerabilities in a network or infrastructure. Once any security weaknesses have been found, our team can address the issues. Here’s a (somewhat generic) overview of how the process looks…

#1 – Find a Vulnerability

First, our team gathers any important information on the network or system. This is usually done through public information. One of the most effective approaches is social engineering. Once compiled, the system will be easier to target and penetrate.

#2 – Design the Attack

Just because we’re familiar with your system, doesn’t mean we’re done. Because a true attacker wouldn’t stop there, neither do we. Further scanning and more intel is gathered and then used to design a successful penetration plan.

#3 – Test the Attack

After the first two phases of the Pentest have been conducted, an attack is designed for the specific network in question. With any known vulnerabilities in mind, a hacker will take the most efficient path to take.

#4 – Seize a Line in Use

Once the test proves to be effective, the path is targeted and exploited. In order to gather as much data as possible, an attacker will take steps to keep his door open for further exploits.

#5 – Enter the Attack

During the attack, our Pentesting experts will be able to document what they are able to gain access to and what else is at risk for future attacks.

#6 – Exploit for Recovery

In order to fly under the radar, a hacker will clear out any trace of evidence that he was there. He wants your information – he doesn’t want you to have his. However, he will also look for ways to leave the door open for future attacks. We look for these too.

Is Kelley Create The Right Pen Testing Company?

Not all Penetration Testing companies are the same. If you’re concerned about the security of your company and your network, give Kelley Create a call to discuss your options. Kelley Create understands that all businesses are different. Find out if the specialists at Kelley Create are a good fit for you.

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