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Penetration Testing Services for Eugene, OR Companies

Kelley Create provides professional pentesting for businesses of all sizes in Eugene, Oregon.

What is a Penetration Test?

A Penetration Test, also referred to as a Pen Test, is a process that includes gathering information about a target system or network, identifying any weaknesses or vulnerabilities, and then attempting a break in. There are automated/software pen tests and there are manual, human-preformed tests. We provide expert penetration testing services for Eugene, Oregon companies.

Identify Vulnerabilities

In most cases, the first step in performing an effective penetration test is to identify any vulnerabilities in the targeted network or system. This is done by gathering as much useful information about the target as possible and then analyzing the results.

Plan an Attack

Once a sufficient amount of intel has been gathered and reviewed, our Penetration Testing firm will be able to plan and organize a “white hat” attack. Although all stages of a pen test are important, this stage is a make or break. A good amount of time and thought needs to be put into this to simulate a real-world attack.

Test the Attack

Just like a real-world attack, we test your system against the designed attack. In many cases, the vulnerabilities that have been identified are now confirmed. Once access to the system being targeted has been achieved, we move to the next phase or stage of an attack – documentation. 


After testing your network and the attack, our penetration testing experts are able to record what did, and did not work. Armed with this information, we will be able to sit down and discuss your network’s vulnerabilities and recommend any steps to prevent a devastating attack on your system.

Maintain Access

With the information and attack documented, analyzed and planned – it is important for us to test access. This stage involves repeatedly testing and confirming access to the targeted environment. This is done by real-world hackers to gather as much data as they can.

Cover Tracks

In order to keep all in the dark, an attacker would cover his tracks as well as possible. Once an attacker is in, he will often maintain access and continue to look for more vulnerabilities. All of this usually happens without anyone realizing.

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