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Intelligent Data Capture

Information drives today’s businesses and success requires clear information. This is true for every sector of business, from private firms and large businesses to media professionals, educational institutions and individuals. For most organizations document & data capture is an integral part of the corporate workflow performed on a daily basis. Effectively organized scanning can bring additional value beyond simple imaging. Maximized efficiency at the very start is the key to hassle-free and productive processing and guarantees that business-critical information will reach its destination at the right moment.

Our Data Extraction software uses OCR and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology to automate data entry tasks. Automating data entry using OCR technology has many more benefits than just saving time on typing. Cut data entry time/costs by up to 90%

  • Reduce error rates with validation rules
  • Enable remote data entry
  • Improved data security & privacy
  • Scanned documents are digitized and archived automatically
  • Electronic files can be processed in seconds with 100% accuracy