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FAQs: Kelley Connect is now Kelley Create!

1. Why is Kelley Connect changing its name?

Answer: Kelley Create is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, and we continue to evolve. We’re finding more and more that creativity is driving our business. We use creative thinking every day. Whether it’s smarter strategic business solutions for you or how we service you, Kelley Create aligns with our vision for the future.

2. When will the new company name go into effect?

Answer: Kelley Create will become official on January 22, 2024. You’ll see changes to our website, social media, and communications moving forward.

3. Will the company ownership or management change with the new name?

Answer: No, this name change does not signify a change in ownership or management. New name. Same team.

4. How will this name change impact my existing services/products with Kelley Connect?

Answer: No impact. New name. Same team. Same commitment.

5. How will this impact my local Kelley office?

Answer: No impact. Through 2024, you might notice local offices and vehicles will be renamed. All 34+ Kelley Create locations feel empowered to create independent solutions for you – none of that will change.

6. Will the company contact information change?

Answer: Our email addresses and other contact details will be updated to reflect the new name. However, our old contact information and email addresses will remain operational, so we’ll receive any correspondence you send us.

7. What happens to my current contracts/agreements with the company?

Answer: All existing contracts and agreements remain valid and in force. We will update our documents with the new name, but this does not affect the terms of your contract.

8. Should I update the company name in my records?

Answer: Please update your records to reflect our new company name. If you need new documentation for your records, please contact us at

9. How will this change impact future transactions?

Answer: Future transactions will be conducted under the new company name, but this should not cause any disruption to services or your experience.

10. Can I get a revised W-9 form?

Answer: Kelley Create W-9