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Remote Work Stations

Essential equipment, technology, and procedures to ensure a successful working environment.

As the situation continues to evolve with COVID-19, we want to ensure you have the resources you need to support your business and customers with an increased need for remote work scenarios. Kelley Create has built an extensive partner network that includes several of the Industry’s leading technology providers for remote solutions. Many of our partners are offering special incentives and free trial periods due to this extraordinary event we all face. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about what offerings may be most appropriate for your business. The list below highlights some of the partners who have already come to the table. Many others are reaching out to us daily as this pandemic continues.

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Teams
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • SentinelOne EndPoint Security
  • DNS Security Solutions
  • Sophos EndPoint Security, VPN, Mobile Device Management, Hard Drive Encryption, Email Security
  • Cisco WebEx, VPN Licensing, and Umbrella

Microsoft Office 365

More and more people are working remotely and need to link back to the company’s main network. Kelley Create can make sure remote stations work safe and smooth for the short or long term. As a cloud-bases system, Microsoft Office 365 is built for access from anywhere. We just make sure it’s moving without a hitch.

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VoIP Phones

Remote communications can be challenging as everyone relies on different systems. We make sure as your people work remotely, they link back to the main VoIP system and remain connected and part of your network. Establishing consistency in communication means less time figuring out technology and more time focused on business.

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Sentinelone Endpoint Security

SentinelOne is one of our favorite, and industry-leading, cybersecurity platforms purpose-built for the remote workforce. We install it on your device (endpoint) where its AI prevents known and unknown threats in real time, VS. any latency caused by cloud delays or human intervention.

DNS Security Solutions

DNS, or Domain Name Security, is a system that protects internet users from counterfeit DNS data. We all rely on the web addresses we visit to be safe and accurate; scammers use false IP addresses to nefariously mislead web traffic. Kelley Create ensures you get to your destination safely.

Microsoft Office 365 & Teams
VoIP Phone
EndPoint Security
DNS Security
EndPoint Security
Mobile Device
Hard Drive
Cisco WebEx
Video Conferencing
Cisco Umbrella
Network Security