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ParcelPoint® Smart Lockers

Let us help you elevate your parcel & asset management.

ParcelPoint® Smart Lockers

Simplify the inbound package and asset experience with flexible smart parcel locker solutions that deliver safety, security and convenience.

The convenient, secure way to meet package and mail delivery volume

  • Safe, secure, contactless delivery
  • Automated mobile alerts for pickup
  • 24/7 self-service access
  • Preconfigured and customizable options
  • Delivery options in 4 weeks or less – in the contiguous U.S.

Why buy ParcelPoint Smart Lockers from Pitney Bowes?

Receive and deliver with ease – Smart parcel lockers are the simple solution to manage evolving package and mail delivery demands while providing secure, anytime, intelligent pickup options for recipients.

Safety and security – Our lockers provide monitored delivery and offer 24/7 contactless, self-service pickup. They mitigate risk of lost, misplaced or stolen packages. Plus, no more overcrowding in the mailroom.

Next Gen Client Experience – Modernize package pickup with convenient self-service access, barcode scanning and automated mobile alerts. Our quick, easy, and intelligent lockers reduce long pick-up lines and also help save your staff time.

Flexible Solutions – We offer pre-configured and customizable locker options to fit your specific volume, space, layout and workflow requirements. You can scale your locker footprint as your needs evolve.

End-to-End Service – Rely on our superior support from pre-purchase to post-purchase and everything in between. Our local service teams will quickly respond to your calls and needs. Plus, we offer delivery options in 4 weeks or less.

Client success story – See how the State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services upgraded their in-person mail delivery to contactless delivery with smart parcel locker technology.

Eliminate campus mail center chaos – In today’s digital world, students are arriving at college carrying fewer belongings, knowing they can buy whatever they need and have it delivered. Pitney Bowes understands, and helps schools just like yours to streamline their mail center processes each and every day with our receiving solutions.