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Relay® Integrity Express

The simple way to increase productivity and accuracy.

Relay® Integrity Express

Fast and secure mail folding and inserting made easy.

Separating customer documents by page count is time-consuming and whether you and your team are stuffing envelopes by hand or with a folding inserting machine, your process is susceptible to errors. The consequences of these errors can range anywhere from a bad customer experience to losing a customer and even facing heavy fines for violating customer privacy.

Relay® Integrity Express, from the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, makes it simple to add 2D barcodes to your documents that your folder inserter then reads to automatically assemble your variable page documents into the right envelopes. By leveraging the speed and flexibility of SaaS, you can add intelligence to your folder inserter to enhance efficiency and privacy protection with ease.

Save time – Automate folding and inserting mail processes for documents with varying numbers of pages.

Reduce risk – Add intelligence to your inserter to keep private customer information secure.

Accelerate cash flow – Ensure the right bill is getting to the right customer so you’re paid on time.

Add Intelligence to Your Folder Inserter System

Save hours in processing time

Improve customer satisfaction

Prevent compliance breaches